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  Barbara Stanford

When did you first come to Bloomsbury Baptist, and why?
In 1961. A Baptist Deaconess Order existed at that time and I was sent straight from college to gain experience of church life. I was young and "green".

What do you admire and enjoy most about the church?
Acceptance of people, old and young, from all walks of life including the disadvantaged members of our local community. This approach has at its core the underlying belief that we are all God's children, of equal value and loved, regardless of race, creed, colour, background.

What one aspect do you especially love?
I enjoy many aspects of life at Bloomsbury, which is why I have stayed for 45 years! The high standard of music which enhances worship... the constant commitment of volunteers who produce good meals for our open community to enjoy on Sundays, Tuesdays, and on other frequent occasions... the opportunity to work with children and teenagers, exploring with them the adventure of faith... the sense of the church as a family supporting one another in the dark times as well as enjoying with them good times, fun, laughter and teasing!

What do you hope for the future of Bloomsbury?
With a young, very gifted team of ministers, I feel excited and happy that our current leadership team will maintain the open traditions of the past yet have the courage to change where necessary to meet the challenges of future ministry in central London.

Do you have a memorable moment of an event at the church?
There are so many memories. Martin Luther King preached one Sunday at Bloomsbury in the 1960s. The Dalai Lama spoke at a multi-faith service, and Cardinal Basil Hume preached at a Sunday morning service here. All these are indicative of the open approach of the church community at Bloomsbury.

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